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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Death by a thousand cuts-

Or- when did this motorcycle turn into a boat?

So far in the story of my Suzuki's paint job, I have applied all the color that I'm going to apply with rattle cans. The metallic grey is applied and the white stripes have been applied and tonight I will finalize the reflective clear to the white stripes. Everything has gone along pretty smoothly so far with minor exceptions. I did screw up the tail section with an ill-timed touch up that required some sanding and respraying to correct and there were a couple very small areas of white paint that snuck through my masking job onto the grey paint that had to be cleaned up with thinner.

I have stopped on my way home from work each night since last Friday to purchase more materials and I have to do it again tonight, hence the title to this post. I of course thought that this little painting effort would be far less than $50 but I'm over than by close to 50%. Today's trip will probably certainly push it over that mark. Yesterday I purchased the vinyl, dual pinstripe tape that I want to highlight the white portions of the paint job. But that vinyl won't curve the way I need it to, so there's a 6 buck roll of tape available for anybody that asks. Today I'm buying another roll of the blue plastic masking tape that is flexible enough to make my pinstripes and a can of One Shot pinstriping paint. I suppose I'll have to buy a real pinstriper's brush to get the job done right as well.

I'm going to mask off and then paint on the pinstripes I want since the tape stripes won't work. I layed it out last night using the tape I have and it seems like it might work really well. I just need one roll of narrower tape for the center gap. When that's all done, then I can apply some clearcoat to the entire job and call it finished. Except that I'll probably want to buff out the clearcoat to make sure everything turns out shiny.

And I still want to add a white stripe and cap to the front fender to match the rest ot the scheme...

I'm still waiting for Darin to call and say that the $75 worth of air box components and filter to complete my $20 airbox purchase have arrived and maybe I'll make it to the DMV for license plates before the week is over.

Or not.

[UPDATE] The 1/2 pint of One Shot was $13.55 and the squirrel hair Mack's sword striping brush was $9.00. Ouch!

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